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In Memory

Howard Mozeico - Class Of 2000

Deceased Classmate: Howard Mozeico 
Date Of Birth: 
Date Deceased: 4-13-2017
Age at Death: 70
Cause of Death: Farm Accident
Classmate City: West Linn 
Classmate State: OR
Classmate Country: USA
Survived By: Mona (wife) Jessica (Daughter) Son-in-law, Granddaughter and sister.

Tektronix, in the early 80's (where I first met Howard) and Mentor, later on, (where I got to know him better) were blessed with unusually large number of 'magic' people. People who combined intelligence, wit, energy, integrity, competence and just-plain goodness. People who you could count on to do something because it was the Right Thing To Do. People who you could count on to set a high standard, and then meet it. It was my privilege to know many such... and Howard was an outstanding example of that group. Howard was wicked smart. And he was always laughing (usually at a high volume) about something. He worked and played hard. He could be very serious, without letting seriousness define him. He had limitless integrity. He always treated people well and gave them the benefit of the doubt (even those who didn't necessarily deserve it). He was kind, compassionate, generous. He was, simply put, a better human than I am. And, lest I forget, he made *awesome* wine. Yesterday, Howard was working on his tractor when something happened. I don't know the details, but the outcome was that Howard is no longer among us. For me, the world is a much poorer place than it was yesterday. Howard - I'm going to miss you. May you rest in peace. 

Thanks to Mark Hinrichs for the notification. 

I think you may know that Howard produced award winning wine with his daughter, et fils brand, with outdoor tastings held on Parrott Mountain.