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Hello Friends of Wilsonville Tektronix. 

It's time to reconnect!  We have all had our share of COVID and it is high time to get back together and paaarrttteeee.  (ok, maybe toast a glass, have some food, and say hi to old friends).

The date is not set but save the Saturdays in August -September 2023. (I still have to ask the Band for a date!) Everything els is TBD. I will update everyone soon. 

Please send me a quick "Count me in" by emailing me here: rose.marshall@innovationframeworks.com


Welcome to the TekWilsonville Community Website 


With the COVID variant, we know that we couldn't have a reunion until now. We hope that you and yours are healthy and safe.  

If you are not yet a member, just tap the Join Here button on the upper right of this home page.

If you know someone who is not yet here, please let them know how to join this site. I just created a "Referral Button" on this page so please use that. Or just give them my email. 

If you want to connect with someone, find their name on the community page. You will find anyone who has entered their profile.

Site Admin (The bitcoin stops here)


Thanks to Dave Brown and the VintageTek volunteers for:

Tek Retiree Newsletter Web Site 

The Tek retirees’ website is now available at tekretirees.com and there is a monthly newsletter available!

Many thanks to all those who made this possible.






•   David Wise (1994)  9/15
•   Thomas Brandt (Brandt) (2000)  5/9
•   Michael Luevane (1990)  4/3
•   Alfred Brown (1990)  4/2
•   Marty Rosback (1986)  4/2
•   Bob Edge (1990)  12/31
•   Linda Cutsforth (2012)  11/27
•   Paul Hamlow (Hamlow) (1992)  11/4
•   Richard Gilkeson (Gilkeson) (1990)  7/2
•   Alan Crouch (2000)  5/28
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•   Kathy Thurman (1990)  2021
•   Lyle Fisher (1990) 
•   Jerry Ashley (1988)  2018
•   Mike Taylor (1988)  2022
•   Jack Sterett (1975)  2020
•   Laurin Blacken (1985)  2015
•   Jack Grimes (1981)  2019
•   Sue Grady (1990)  2019
•   Dan Clark (2000)  2017
•   Howard Mozeico (2000)  2017
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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 67.9%

A:   338   Joined
B:   160   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)